Sunday, October 26, 2014

Aces, Deuces and Love: Tennis in Tana

We checked out Max Sport Club today.  It's tucked back behind Jumbo and Tour Zital.  We've lived here a year and never noticed it before.  It was only when Jack had a meeting recently at the Tour Zital that he looked down from his colleagues 10th floor balcony and noticed the courts.

Like many things here in Tana--some things you just accidentally discover (for better or worse).  

We have our first lesson there this Friday so we will write an update on how it actually is playing there.  But the price is right--16,000Ar for a lesson or 11,000Ar for a court reservation.  One of the great things about tennis here is that the prices always include a ballboy (or 'ramasseur' from the french verbe ramasser--to pick up, or collect).  With neither of us having ever played on clay before it should be quite an experience.  

Unfortunately, these courts (like most here in Tana) don't have lights.  The other courts/clubs we have checked out here include Le Country Club, ITEC and COT.  Only the ITEC has lights but they don't light them due to complaints about the wattage.  This is really too bad--these clubs could charge extra to let people play at night on lighted courts.  

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