Monday, February 23, 2015

Sapporo--Living on a Prayer--Karaoke in Ivandry

Sapporo gets mixed reviews from the expat community here--some people have had great meals there and others have had less than stellar meals there--but then that's the story of dining out in Madagascar.

We took Emily's Dad and stepmom there on a Friday night a few weeks ago.  We had a great meal there.

We walked up the stairs and saw a nicely decorated open-plan dining room, as well as two 4-top tables partitioned behind sliding privacy doors.  We took the private area.  I am eager to revisit Sapporo to see if they've stepped up there 'drinks game.'  They had no wine and no liquor (with the exception of a korean quasi-rum with was quasi-good) and a very limited selection of beer.  Now we visited there right after they had just opened so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

You can see the menu below--its well-priced and has a Japanese focus.  The food all came in a timely manner and was well-prepared.  The salmon filet there was good but they said they get it from Leader Price--this is surprising because the salmon at Leader Price is frozen and the filet they served there was pretty good.  The Korean owner (he also owns the KIM STAR place on the right when you are headed to the airport) said that his end vision is to eventually serve French and Korean cuisine as well.

BUT HERE'S THE THING--the food is almost irrelevant (as long as the serve the 'beverage' problem) because Sapporo has something that no other restaurants in Ivandry have: KARAOKE!

The four of us ended up closing out Sapporo's that evening as the lovely proprietors allowed us to delve deep into their karaoke setlist.  2/3 of their book is in Korean but there's more than enough material for a good night there.  An added bonus is that completely incongruent muted Korean music videos play in the background while the subtitles flash across the screen.  The owners eventually quasi-kicked us out around midnight but were excellent hosts and a blast to hang out with.

TIP: With a group of about 20 people you could pretty much reserve the dining room and have the place to yourself for a night of soulful Beyonce and Aerosmith ballads.

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