Friday, April 3, 2015

Chez Marcelline by the sea--Fort Dauphin's #1 Restaurant at Ankoba Beach

Chez Marcelline is a lovely beachfront restaurant on Ankoba Beach.  It's open and airy and about as close to a Key West feel as you are going to get in this Hemisphere--the perfect spot for a Cuba Libre or Dark N' Stormy (unfortunately they only have the former).

Marcelline is the name of the older Malagasy woman who owns the restaurant.  Most days her son runs the show out front.  The day we were there we had a itinerant French server who was getting ready to head back to Paris--she'd linked up with Marcelline's son on some kind of beach bum safari.

As you can see from the picture below, there also used to be a brit who ran a surf school.  Nowadays Marcelline's son runs that show and takes groups on seasonal surfing trips around Madagascar.  I'd never heard much about the surf here but the Born Naked Facebook page has some pictures that look like decent breaks...maybe just not breaks that you travel halfway around the world for.

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