Tuesday, July 7, 2015

United States Navy Band Plays at Iris Orphanage

When one thinks of the work that our military does overseas--one does not think of our military bands--I know I never did.  

But it turns out they are pretty awesome.  

The US Navy Band group that's based out of one of our U.S. naval bases in Italy travels all around Europe and Africa doing about 500 performances every year.  In our case, they came to Madagascar in order to perform at our Embassy Independence Day Event.  It was the unofficial performances they played, however, that made their trip so special.  

In all, they did a jam session at a local children's music institute, a radio interview and performance, a jam session with the Malagasy Army and Gendarme bands and played for the kids at Iris Orphanage. If Iris Orphanage sounds familiar it's because we've written about the twin girls that we sponsor (Jack's parents also sponsor a set of siblings) previously.   

I've include some photos from their performance below to include some of our Ambassador who attended the performance as well.  Iris also posted a photo album with more pics here

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