Saturday, August 13, 2016

'Veloma' List of Poems/Notable Prose Written While In Madagascar

Looking back, I've written a fair amount of poetry/notable prose these past three years.  As I contemplate the approaching end of our tour here, I wanted to organize all the links for them in one place:

Homesick Reminisces a Mile Above the Indian Ocean
Some thoughts written during one of my trips to Comoros.

I Want You To Know--A Poem On the Passing of Madiba
Something for my daughters.

The Road from Tana to Andasibe
Written after a road trip out the countryside.

From Fonte Hill to Capitol Hill: Lou Wilson, Tide Laundry Detergent and Why I Ended Up in the Navy
My 2015 Marine Corps Ball speech.

How Does One Measure Sadness
Philosophical poem on sadness and dealing with loss and awfulness.

Ode to VapoRub
On the highs and lows of traveling as a Foreign Area Officer.

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