Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Does a painting exist before it is framed? Custom Framing shop in Antananarivo

As we covered in our post on finding the number for a restaurant in Antananarivo--there is no central repository of information here in town...the closest you get here is the lackluster TripAdvisor.

If say, you want to find a place to get something framed, there is no yellow book, you can't just google it--if you did you would probably get results about someone framing a picture of a lemur--not a shop that does framing.
15 inch frame--roughly $20
15 inch frame--roughly $20

So here you go: in Tana, you can go to MIROGLASS, which is downtown, not far from Cafe de la Gare.  They do a quality custom framing job for cheaper than in the U.S.--and they can turn around your job in a day or two if needed.

Street: Lalaina Karija
Phone number: 22.661.16
Hours of operation: M-F 0830-1230 1430-1600
Saturday 0830-1100
MIROGLASS is on the same street as Indra

Huge picture--about $120

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