Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jardin Secret -- A Secret No Longer Because Now You Can Find It!

The Jardin Secret is a combination store, garden, tea joint and restaurant.  It's not easy to find since neither its Facebook page nor its website show its actual location (the location listed on their website is not accurate AT ALL).  Luckily we had our driver with us who was able to find it.

It's strange--so many businesses could easily add their location and information to google maps--it would take ten minutes.  Instead it's almost like they pride themselves on being hard to find.   Anyway, see below for its actual location.

We ended up having lunch there.  It was fresh and nicely made but it's more suited to a ladies' lunch than for most guys (think salads and tarts versus...uh meats).

But the real reason you go to this place is for the aluminum ware--the owner has an enormously diverse shop with everything from beautiful serving platters to fake decorative tree branches to jewelry.  We ended up getting a set of platters/plates.
Jardin Secret Facebook page
Jardin Secret Website
+261 32 05 572 18

Looking up at the entrance from the main road

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