Monday, January 18, 2016

Kid's Clothing Factory Location in Tana--Current Sale is Going On This Week!

As I've written about before businesses in Madagascar seem to pride themselves on being difficult to find and rarely if ever have even small signage.  They certainly won't have an online presence.

One great example of this is MIROGLASS downtown--it's a great custom framing shop downtown that we wrote about here.

Another example is Jardin Secret--it's a cool little artisan shop that makes all types of aluminum jewelry and houseware.  It would be impossible to find it looking at its facebook page or website.   We were only able to find it because we took our Malagasy driver who asked enough questions in the general vicinity of the shop so that we were able to find it after several minutes.

But NONAME FACTORY SHOP takes the proverbial gateau.  My darling wife had been there several times before because a friend of hers had taken her there.  We went there today and decided to break the chain of ambiguity by providing directions and some information about this shop (it's in the general Galaxy complex of buildings)

It's open from 0800-1700 (Monday-Friday) least in theory...this is Madagascar after all.  It's cash only and its stock varies widely.  It's co-located with the factory that exports to Europe and the US.  The shop mainly sells items that they made too many of or that have some slight aberration (it's rare that you can ever find the issue--I haven't ever).  Here's a list of brands that they were selling today.  The best part is that the price ranges from $3-15 a piece.  Many of these items sell in stores in Paris and NYC for $70 each!  Currently they have a sale going on with a ton of items in the $3-5 range (this is not normal so go there this week!).

Women's Brands: Etam, Earth Addict, Enfasis, Tam-Tam, Darjeeling, Camaieu, Mademoiselle Jacadi

Kid's Brands: Jacadi, Le Petit Bateau, Obaibi

Driving toward the entrance which is on the right

This is the gate that you bang on.  Then to the right up two flights of stairs

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