Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vakio Milamina: Loved It Because It Gives You the Inside Scoop (Madagascar)

Vakio Milamina 
Loved It Because: it gives you the inside scoop on the culture and politics of Madagascar. Soamiely is the rare Malagasy author who writes in (great) English about these things.  I lived in Madagascar for three years and often read Soamiely's posts on Medium but it was only once I was back stateside that I realized that he'd written two books (his other: Ambony-Ambany (Upside Down) is available to purchase on  

Vakio Milamina (i.e., A Quiet or Smooth Read) lays out the author's thoughts on life in Madagascar through a series of very loosely related essays.  In particular, I loved "It's All Part of Growing Up" which is basically a 6 page rundown on the political history of Madagascar.  Other essays like "Fiadanana and Moramora" made me laugh--moramora IS the quintessential essence of being Malagasy (from a vazaha aka foreigner perspective).  It captures the incrementalism of progress (or de-evolution) and a peace with slowness that one notices even after only a few days in the country.  Perhaps most useful for any visitor/tourist is his essay "Our Unambiguously Ambiguous Art of Conversation" in which the author lays out why a Malagasy will seldom ever say 'no'.  If I had realized this early on I would have saved myself a lot of stress and frustration. But there's no reason to read just one essay--Vakio is the wonderful book that can be read in a single sitting or on a short plane ride.  You'd also be well served to follow him on twitter at @soamiely 
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18 reciprocity ingrained in Malagasy culture
21  why there is the cycle of Malagasy political violence: 2 options for presidents
22  'in politics I have no relatives'
40  art of conversation--not every saying outright 'no'
42  until society explodes
44-7  Embracing a culture of failure in policy-making
68-74  Great summary of Malagasy political history
79-83  fiadanana and moramora!
83-87  How to make change and progress
98  TNR airport 

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